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illuminate the darkness by AljoschaThielen

It seems as if your hand is a peripheral manifestation of your mind as a whole. You holding the candle is like you are blissfully sustaining a minimalistic burden. The wax melting and forming it's way to the contours of your hand and the fact that the wax is sustaining the flame is as if the provide a metaphorical transition between you and the fire an even more real manifestation of your acceptance of the candle. You generate the overall vibe that the candle is not an unwelcome presence. I like how your hand almost fades out of view towards the bottom edge of the picture generating the concept that your hand is levitating further denoting the concept that the hand is a conceptual representation of you but not a literal one. I have to cap this off by saying I love and adore the powerful asthetics of the nice strong flame, this is well created.
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